A young, white man in US Army camouflage. He stands in front of an American flag and the name 'Calhoun' is embroided onto his shirt.

Justin is a native Texan with roots back to the Republic. His life hasn’t been a straight line, but he has always been guided to public service in one way or another. After graduating from alternative high school, Justin joined the military where he served five years in the US Army. This included one year deployed to Afghanistan until he was medically discharged in 2015. With a strong desire to continue serving his community Justin immediately began his educational path to a Masters in Social Work that will be completed in December of 2021.

Justin’s education, military service, social work, and experience working in the office of Texas Representative Diego Bernal catalyzed Justin’s desire to work for the people and their interests. This experience has allowed him to work with the homeless community, Juvenile Justice, constituents, and policy services.

Justin can fight for equal representation for all Texans because he understands what it’s like to be left behind. Justin grew up with a single mother and had to drop out of school to earn enough money to put food on the table. He has kept this fighting spirit with him throughout his life, and intends to use it to fight for the people of House District 73. 

Justin is deeply committed to representing all of his future constituents equally – regardless of party affiliation. Justin believes the diversity of political opinions in our state are a strength not a weakness. Justin believes that Texans deserve better. We can strive for a better future – together.