Fighting For Our Future


Justin’s first passion in life was education. Although his life went in a different direction professionally he continues to believe that education is the foundation of the democratic process and is required for any country to be truly free. Justin believes in the public education system that is accountable to the people. Justin supports Texas teachers and their education, experience, and passion for educating the future of Texas. Our education system has needed reform for decades and it’s about time our students and teachers get the education they deserve. Justin’s primary goal is to require the State to 100% fund the public education system as required by the Texas constitution. Taking the burden off of property owners and the inequality that the property tax education system created. Remove the state-required testing system that hasn’t been shown to benefit students or teachers, replacing it with a benchmark testing system that will support teachers in planning, and continue to encourage a challenging education system for students so they can meet their true potential and get direct support on areas they need extra assistance in. To read more detailed information click here


Our district encompasses some of the most remarkable and pristine natural sites in the Lone Star State. Protecting and preserving our lakes, rivers, and sweeping views must be a priority for every Texan. The Edwards Aquifer is the lifeblood of Texas. Justin will support legislation aimed at improving our approach to air and water pollution, and other eco-conscious and sustainable programs that will keep our Hill Country a beautiful and safe place to live and visit. This includes sustainable and eco-friendly growth that will support the natural beauty of our district for generations to come. To see more about the environment Click here.


As a social worker and a person who grew up in a substance abuse home, Justin does not take legalization lightly. Justin understands that many might be hesitant about legalization however he understands that the medical benefits of cannabis are extremely beneficial. Legalization would provide the state direct oversight of this product, making it illegal to sell without a license lowering access to juveniles, interrupting the criminal system that increases the risk of gun-related violence, and lowering the use of substances that have negative side effects such as opioids. Legalization would also serve to broaden our agricultural industry and decrease legal costs allowing increased support for our first-responders, and the education system.