Investing In Our Communities


Local elected officials should be the experts on their community’s needs and concerns. As such, they should have control over local development to ensure the infrastructure is prepared to handle the needs of the growing community rather than playing catch up.


Local governments have the responsibility and knowledge to manage their irrigation system within their limits and expand as needed. Property owners and potential buyers should have access to all relevant information that could impact their homes or businesses. Water is one of our most important resources and corporations with wasteful irrigation systems or consumption practices should be held liable for the damage they cause to the security of clean water access.

Justin supports all citizens’ right to access accurate and up-to-date information for any property they may purchase or possess.


Only 67.6% of Texans have access to broadband at home, which is well below the national average. With advancements in technology, this number should be dramatically higher. Rural Texans are increasingly disadvantaged by being unable to attain affordable high-speed internet. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that affordable broadband access should be a right for all citizens. When elected, Justin will ensure that the proper funding is obtained and used to expand rural broadband across our district.

Roads & Bridges

Almost 25% of Texas roads are in poor condition. As our state blooms in population, we need the infrastructure to properly support our future generations. Texans deserve first-rate roads and bridges that withstand the changing climate. District 73 is right along Highway 35, which connects San Antonio and Austin. The roads are crumbling, the traffic is increasing, and the commutes are taking longer.

The current infrastructure package will give us a head start on investing in our growing communities. While improving the roads to our future, our representatives must be conscious of how to sustainably grow our transportation infrastructure so that Texas is one of the most well-connected states in America.


Many zip codes in the district are considered childcare deserts. This means that there are under 4 childcare centers for every 100 children. Unfortunately, for subsidized child care centers, it’s under 1 for every 100 children. Due to this lack of accessible centers, affordability has also gone down.

With this growing burden, our children are getting left behind and parents are unable to join the workforce. Justin believes that the citizens of District 73 deserve affordable, accessible childcare, and supports the Childcare is Infrastructure Act.

Veterans’ Care

As a US Army Veteran, Justin takes great pride in his service to the United States of America and in being a Texan who served for his state and country. Our veterans are often forgotten when they re-enter daily life. We must work to protect them. This includes expanding VA funding, creating more accessible Veterans resources, and providing grants for Vet owned businesses.