Protecting Our Freedoms

Responsible Gun Ownership

Justin respects the second amendment and the rights of gun owners while also supporting common-sense provisions to protect our communities. He will work towards a future where both of these ideals are guaranteed. As a social worker, Justin understands the risk to the individual health and that of the community. Justin believes Extreme Risk Protection Orders can be used by mandated reporters in conjunction with judicial review and clear precise legislative guidance to lower the risk of gun-related deaths. As a Veteran and native Texan, Justin understands the culture around gun ownership but also the responsibility it holds. Justin supports the idea that ArmaLite Rifles (AR) classified as a lightweight semi-automatic rifle designed specifically for military use should have age restrictions if the individual is untrained by a professional or unsupervised by someone over the age of 21 years old.  To read more detailed information about Justin’s support for Responsible Gun Ownership click here

Civil and Human Rights

Justin’s values stem from his childhood in Texas, his experiences in the military working with people from all walks of life, and his education and experience as a Social Worker. Justin’s core value is to listen to the voices of the diverse community in District 73 no matter their political affiliation with the goal of creating intersectional legislation. However, Justin is firm in his support and dedication to basic human rights. The right for women to make informed decisions about their bodies and medical care without government intrusion. The right of all Texans to build families of their own no matter their ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. The rights of all Texans to be protected and accountable to the law equally. That all Texans have the basic human right to access healthy food. Finally, the rights of all Texans of voting age to have full and convenient access to vote unencumbered by their economic status, ethnicity, or gender. To learn more detailed information on Justin’s support for basic Human Rights click here